Measured and Slow

Items made by hand in Seattle, WA.

At least ONE project gas gone right this week. Just needs a face and then he’s off to his new home :) #teddybear #knitting #softie
Also tried on this new Debbie Bliss design…it’s a sample size and it’s only a bit small! That never happens to me haha (also I accidentally matched my outfit quite well to the samples!)
Guys this is me and Debbie Bliss! And I am wearing one of the new sweater designs she brought with her! 
The inside got a little crooked due  to said issues with vinyl…
Made a #wallet! Learned a lot from this one…my machine does not like #sewing #vinyl 😁
Just hangin’ out with her ball #dogsofinstagram
Husband has one of those track-your-sleep apps and I got sick of him sticking the phone under the sheet every night. Enter the phone pocket! (It’s held in place with magnets)

More/better pictures of my new dress :) (via Letterpress Dress)

There was a little mishap so I’m re-making this thing…but it’s going well so far!
Chickens can’t sweat or pant, so Bea is dealing with the heat by digging herself a nice little hole in the shady side of the yard