Measured and Slow

Items made by hand in Seattle, WA.

Still keepin’ it weird
Abandoned the flower hexie thing in favor of a long wave stitch. It’ll take longer and use more yarn, but that’s how I roll haha #crochet #wavestitch #cascadeyarns
My carrot has legs! #garden #urbanfarming
Attention #quilters: wood wool #hexagon wall tiles exist. They also have #HST and a bunch of other shapes. This is going somewhere in the new house… (from
Thinking this might be a blanket, but I don’t think I’m sold on the flower? What do we think, friends? #crochet #hexies #africanflowercrochet
You guys are going to be sick of this quilt by the time this magazine comes out :P (via Quilt in Make Modern Magazine!)
This is ONLY the #yarn I had in the living room. Haven’t even made it to the craft room yet…I have a SERIOUS problem, guys. #knitting #knitterproblems #movingsucks
Dog refuses to sleep in the open at night…so now she sleeps in the closet. Weirdo. #dogsofinstagram
Buying a house is a super stressful process. My chosen coping mechanism: canning #applesauce at 9  PM. #canning
Guys I have kept it under wraps for so long but I can finally announce that one of my quilts will be in the second issue of Make Modern Magazine! And not only that…it’s on the cover!! Issue out Nov 1 and available at!